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We are a human resource company that provides affordable and effective resources and services which supports your business in achieving your goals.Employers Resources Plus staff are all Human Resource Certification Institute certified professionals.

All staff members hold either a Professional in Human Resource (PHR) designation or Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR) designation.  SHRM is the largest professional association with more than 260,000 in over 140 countries.  of the 115,00 certified members only 48,832 hold an SPHR certification.  We put into practice what we have learned to help your business succeed.

Our staff has a wide ranging source of backgrounds from Manufacturing, Construction, Hospitality, Food Management, and Employee Leasing.

Founded in 2009 by Susan T. Howard, SPHR, as she saw the need for start up  and small to medium sized  companies to have access to Human Resource professionals yet were unable to afford to have a professional on staff full time.  She saw numerous employers wasting resources trying to research the ever more complex laws that govern employers only to be frustrated by misinformation or overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information on the internet.  Without a budget to have a full-time  in-house Human Resource expert employers either ignore problems hoping they will go away or end up spending way too much money and time trying to solve issues that are just outside their core business.  With Employers Resources Plus you have the “Resources” when you need them.

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